Welcome to the first post of WWWWW! Each post will interview someone and ask the questions: Who?, What? Why? When and Where?. Enjoy! CLS

Mark wears CHIC HAPPENS by Christopher Lee Sauvé. 

Mark wears CHIC HAPPENS by Christopher Lee Sauvé. 

MARK TAJAS, Hair Stylist, NYC

T-SHIRT: Who? James Dean What? Plain White t-shirt Why? Quintessential American

FILM: What? Roy & michelle's High School Reunion When? 90's Who? Lisa Kudrow Why? No one cared about the bad hair and fashion choices because everyone was having fun and being them.

DESIGNER: Who? Alexander McQueen Why? The brand was an interesting way of looking at fashion. His view of beauty wasn't conventional, but it is beautiful. 

MUSIC: Who? Chromeo Why? Puts you in a playful and fun mood. Sometimes you just want to dance to something upbeat,

CITY: Where? Lower East Side, NYC Why? There is still art in the neighborhood. It is fun thinking of the past and how much art and culture was in the L.E.S.

SEX SYMBOL: Who? Madonna What? SEX (book) Why? Sex should be free and limitless. She doesn't care how others see her. I love that! I think sex should be enjoyed not suppressed. 

ICON: Who? Betty White Why? Old and still going strong. She is a filthy old woman and I want to be her when I grow up.

FOOD: What? Filipino food. Why? There is nothing like good home cooked food by my mom. She cooks recipes handed down by generations. No restaurant compares.